Apodis Hotels and Resorts Ltd.
A pan India hotel Operator, Developer and Investor with interests in the Budget, Midmarket and Leisure Hospitality Segments. It is creating a multi - brand multi - segment portfolio of properties across India.
Our core team of professionals can take the projects from conceptualization to operational stage to a profitable exit. Apodis controls and has access to hotel brands, operating for each of these segments that it intends to work in.
The core group operating teams draw support from an eco-system of Partners, Preferred Vendors and Advisors created to ensure timely execution of projects and minimizes pre and post investment regulatory and information risk.

Apodis encourages multiple property owners to represent their properties for investment in Joint Ventures in minority or significant minority positions with active management support.
  • Branding

  • Management

  • Profit Maximization

  • Yield and Revenue Management

  • Cost Control

  • Hotel staff structure

  • Guest Satisfaction Surveys

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Housekeeping, cleaning

  • Service Level Agreements work scope

  • Retail Key Performance Indicators

  • IT infra set-up and Integration

Apodis has in house capabilities for completing of construction or joint development of the project along with owner where the owner assists in eliminating title or permission risk. The promoters experience in development of Real Estate and leading investments in large hospitality projects gives them the edge.

We follow a robust closing process while negotiating with land owners/built property owners.
  • Construction management

  • Contract documentation

  • Templates and Schedule of finishes

  • Retail component planning

  • Architectural Design

  • M&E, Civil & Structural troubleshooting

  • Purchasing

  • Advertising inventory design, etc.

Apodis employs various strategies to acquire properties which range from direct ownership, joint development with the owner to taking properties on lease/rent/revenue.
  • Land Acquisitions / Lease

  • Property Acquisitions / Lease

  • Equity Participation and Debt Raising

  • Market Feasibility Analysis

  • Financial Feasibility Analysis

  • Legal and Technical DD

  • Tax Compliance

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